Travel Outfit Ideas and Tips for Spring or Fall

In today’s post, I have curated several travel outfit ideas and also tips for Spring or Fall (transitional seasons). I know weather during Spring and Autumn can be confusing. One day it could be freezing cold that you wish you could bury your numb face at home and before you even realise, the scorching hot weather makes you wish for the cold weather again. Hence, it can be even daunting for those who want to pack for their suitcase. If you are one of them, keep reading to find some useful tips.


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Chic Road Trip Outfit

Summer has officially unpacked its luggage, which means most of you might heading for your long awaited summer road trip! And when comes to road trip, regardless you’re traveling for long or short distances, of course you want to be comfortable, but still want to look oh-so chic the minute you step out from the car. Hence, if you need outfit inspiration, seek no further than this blogpost.


P.S I’m just not that type of girl who will wear pj’s or workout clothes, those are not cute travel outfits.

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