What to Wear for Summer Beach Vacation

What to wear for summer beach vacation? I bet this question comes across most of our minds since it is officially the summer time, and most of us are going on a beach vacation! Hitting the beach is always one of my favourite things to do in Summer. Not only I get to enjoy the warm sun, sound of the rolling waves, toes in the sand and breeze in my hair. Beach is also a great place for me to calm my mind.

This summer, you will see many rattan and straw bags, button down pieces, crop tops, denim shorts, slides, espadrilles as well as wrap dresses.

What-to Wear-for-Summer-Beach-Vacation

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How to Style Straw Bag, The Fashion Staple in 2018

Straw bag has ruled the runway and street style a few seasons ago, but you still might feel conspicuous toting one around in a non-beach setting. Whether you are in a maxi dress roaming around cobbled Quebec streets, or in a bikini soaking yourself in super-rays on Mediterranean beach, you are going to need this on-trend staple. You will be amazed how versatile straw bag is and it fits in quite well with literally anything.

How-to Style-Straw-Bag-The-Fashion-Staple-in-2018

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Romwe Off-The-Shoulder Ruffled Pom-Pom Shirt

Summer has almost come to an end, it’s time to incorporate off-the-shoulder into your everyday look as much as possible (naw it’s just another excuse for me to wear em as Malaysia is a country with 365 days of summer).

Romwe-Off-The-Shoulder-Ruffled Pom-Pom-Shirt

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Yellow Gingham Off-Shoulder Cropped Top for Summer

I have a huge crush on yellow this year! Anything in yellow just signs me up instantly. And of course, that’s one of the reasons I got my hands on this yellow gingham number. 

I’ve been eyeing this top for a long while but I don’t feel like investing so much money on a trendy piece. And I’m SO glad when Zara puts this into the sale section!


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Flamingo Print Off-Shoulder Dress for SS17

If you have noticed, pink flamingo is such a big hit this year. And I’m absolutely vibin this pink birds as they give off that perfect summer vibe and also enliven your mood with that bright pink hue.

Whether it is the gigantic pink flamingo float you kept seeing on your Instagram feed, flamingo phone cases or flamingo print clothes, they are literally everywhere this season! There is seriously no limit when comes to this trend.


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Mustard Yellow x White Outfit for SS17

Mustard yellow has been my jam for awhile. Whenever I see mustard yellow, I just couldn’t help but to get my hands on them (loll another valid excuse to shop more).

Since, now is Summer, I personally think mustard yellow is the perfect colour to enliven your mood as well as spice up your everyday outfit by adding a pop of colour. Not to forget, this colour makes any of your outfit a statement look everyone couldn’t walk by without noticing.


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Stripes Cold Shoulder Top X Denim Midi Skirt

When it comes to my favourite style, stripes, white palette, and showing off a little shoulder always make to the top of my list! Hence, when these three come together, I just couldn’t help but need to get my hands on em!


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