Blue Outfit Lookbook for Spring 2020

I’m always a huge fan of blue ranging from classic blue – colour of the year for 2020, to faded denim blue, and anything in between. Hence, you can imagine how thrilled I am about the rise of this sky shade. Today, I’ll be showing you how to style light, dusty or you can call them faded denim blue this Spring. You will be surprise how easy to rock blue. You can either style them with neutral tone such as white and black, or you can rock them with different shades of blue and create that monochrome look.

P.S today marks the 7th day I’m staying home (2 weeks of not going out) due to the pandemic corona outbreak. Just a little reminder, please stay at home and take care of your personal hygiene!

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Beige pants that never go out of style and how to style them

It can be extremely challenging to find something worth investing when fast fashion has become a key characteristics of the fashion industry we know today. Though I still love purchasing trendy pieces, I tried to prevent myself practising the so-called short clothing lifecycle and investing in pieces that will stand the test of time so that I can wear over and over again without it getting out of fashion. In this fashion editorial, I am going to show you how versatile is a pair of beige pants and how to style them for work, dressy events and anything in between.

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7 Crop Top Outfit Ideas for 2019

When scorching days and balmy nights abound, it is time to don in pieces like crop tops that flaunt your skin. Don’t freak out yet if you’re the type that get shocked by the idea of displaying your mid-section. There are still other options in the crop top department that suit you, like abbreviated tees and tie-front shirts. Or you can style them with simple pieces like high-waisted jeans or skirts and sprinkle in smart accessories to finish, and voila! A crop top outfit I can actually stomach (pun intended). Keep reading to find out these looks that will help you feel confident in the warm-weather staple.

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How to Style Mom Jeans In White and Blue Wash

Mom jeans have made a huge comeback into the clothing lines two years back and it shows that they are not going anywhere.  Some said you have to be brave enough to rock such jeans, but trust me it is time to give your skinny jeans a break and try this high-waisted, straight-legged and looser fit jeans. There are so many reasons to love mom jeans. First, it instantly gives any of your outfits a casual and retro touch. Second, it does not matter what size you are, it goes with every body type, be it curvy, petite, skinny, plus or broad.


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6 Neutral Outfits for 2019 Spring, Summer

Neutral is one of my favourite go-to colour these days. I love how it exudes relax and comfy vibes. Most important thing is neutral is SO versatile. And guess what, neutral is that one major trend everyone simply couldn’t wait any longer to start wearing. Fifty shades of beige, monochrome, you can call it whatever you want, but 2019 is all about this once-boring hue. In this blogpost, I have curated 6 neutral outfits which you could rock to different occasions.


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How to Style Ankle Boots All Year Round


Whenever you read “boot styles”, I bet one of your very first thoughts would be “the cold weather wardrobe staples”. However, you don’t need fall and winter to step into the boots season. Comfortable, stylish and versatile, ankle boots are a flattering wardrobe staple that would polish your outfits at all times of the year. While you probably own a fair number of ankle boots, why not just kick up your boots, and don’t fret about how you will wear them, because I’ve styled my black ankle boots in a number of ways. If you haven’t own a pair and are contemplating buying your first pair, keep reading!

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How to Wear White All Year Long, 10 Outfit Inspo

White is the no-brainer, the must-have colour that goes well with literally everything (at least in my case). Some said wearing white in summer is not groundbreaking, and it is officially the end of summer, and some said white doesn’t seem to be “fall enough”. But I’m a fan of a different style tenant, so f*ck the fashion rules. P.S good news for those who love white like me, cause winter white is officially a thing!

Keep reading to find out 10 white outfit inspirations.


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