Cubopark, First Container Pop Up Mall in Penang


Thinking of where to go this Chinese New Year holiday? I’ve got you covered. Remember the space right next to Tanjung Tokong Starbucks Drive Thru? It has transformed into an insta-worthy container pop up mall, called Cubopark, which reminds me of Shoreditch Box Park in London and Common Ground in Korea.



The space used to be a nightclub and hotel and it still gives off that Western motel vibes with its low building and a long hallway. The highlight of this space is definitely the container concept building that will be housing cafes,   bars, clothing stores, art exhibitions and more. I’m pretty excited to see the entire space filled up with more shops (since there aren’t many shops right now).




This place is definitely a “playground” for all the photographers out there. This is one of my favourite corners which exudes Hong Kong vibes. If you need to jazz up your feed with some vintage vibes, you can’t go wrong with this spot. And if you need some Brandon Woelfel inspired, the neon lights will do the tricks!


Of course I need to seize this opportunity and take some ootds shamelessly. If you would love to see more outfit posts, check out my instagram @wendywonderstruck.


After our walk, we decided to have some coffee at Haru Hari cafe. I really love how they play Lofi music to create that cosy ambience. Besides, the Japanese inspired interior design would teleport you to Japan (tbh it reminds me of %Arabica).



We ordered a Hojicha Latte (which turns out to be so good), an ice mocha and a Frozen S’more. If you have a sweet tooth, the frozen s’more is definitely your thing but I don’t really fancy marshmallow so I don’t really vibe it.

Opening Hours: Everyday from 4PM – 12 AM


For more information check out their Facebook page –  Here
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