The Best French Pastries in Penang – Le Petite Four Patisserie

Have a thing for French pastries? You’re going to love Le Petit Four Patisserie, a cafe situated at Beach Street, Penang. My family and I have visited SO many times just for their pastries so you can count on me for a non bias review!


Before showing you the instagram-worthy and scrumptious French pastries, let us take a moment to appreciate the aesthetic pleasing decor. I love the high ceiling that gives off the airy and comfortable vibes. Aside from this, I love how they add gold, brown and blue tones that instantly spice up the entire space. The counter is also dotted with a cake display glass shelf that showcases the cafe’s daily fresh baked French patisserie style desserts. Not to mention, I have to say the cafe is super clean including the washroom (which is definitely a big plus point for me!).


They also have a long table by the glass window, overlooking the street. So, if you want to experience the Parisian dining experience, make sure you grab a seat there, but I have to warn you, it can be very hot when the sun hits right on your face!

The Best French-Pastries-in-Penang-Le-Petite-Four-Patisserie

Le-Petite- Four-Patisserie-Flatlay

I have a few favourites that I will always order when I visit Le Petite Four. My ultimate favourite will be the financier (I bet I’m the rare one as most of you might pick croissant as your favourite). Financier is a small French almond cake flavoured with beurre noisette, usually baked in a small mould.





Almond Croissant

My second favourite is definitely their croissants and I love almond one the most. All their croissants are hand rolled and shaped by patissier every day, and the amount of croissants that can be rolled out is limited. So you can’t take away their croissants. If you would love to try (which I highly recommend) make sure you go early in the morning!


Chocolate Croissant





Tarte Au Citron & Chocolate Cointreau

Apart from pastries, Le Petite Four also has a great selection of cakes that will make you want for more! We love Tarte Au Citron the most.




For drink, they have quite a wide selection from coffee to tea. I ordered my favourite ice-matcha while my sister ordered her usual hot mocha, and a cup of hot latte for my mom.

Contact Number: 012- 4941858
For more information check out their Facebook page –  Here
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