Penang Hill, A Great Spot to Catch Sunrise

Penang Hill which is also known as Bukit Bendera, is a place which almost every Malaysian knows especially we, Penangites. I’ve been there a couple of times but I never catch a sunrise. Hence, on one Saturday, my friend and I woke up at 6am and head over to Penang Hill to catch the earliest tram up the hill. Not only you get to avoid the crowd while enjoying the sunrise, you also get to enjoy the cheapest fare with your MyKad.

Penang-Hill- A-Great-Spot-to-Catch-Sunrise

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It was around 7a.m when we reached the top of Penang Hill. The sky was still dark, filled with cotton-like-mist and sparkly city lights that dancing around.


The city looks like it is still sound asleep!

P.S. Make sure you put on sufficient mosquito repellent as you are going to regret for not doing so!


5 minutes passed, the rays of light seeped into the sky, splashing it with joy and vibrant, so do our hearts and minds.



When the sky was lid up with orange, yellow, pink and a dash of purple.  The sky looks extra magical, isn’t it?! Making us wondering if this was a sunrise or sunset.

Bukit-Bendera- A-Great-Spot-to-Catch-Sunrise

Every second, the nature surprised us with a different visual.



Isn’t it beautiful? A panoramic view of Penang island and the mainland under a pinky-orange sky.



When the sun was hanging high up on the sky, everything was crystal clear.


I am ending today’s post with this mouthwatering-looking English Breakfast I had at the top of Penang Hill. Even though the price was a little tad pricey for its quality, we still enjoyed our dining experience.

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