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Whisk is going to be your new favourite cafe if dessert is your weakness just like mine. I still remembered the first time I stumbled upon Whisk’s aesthetically pleasing cakes on social media, I was so in-awe of their cakes and creative doodle-style menu! Whisk has taken over Chai Diam Ma which is one of the long-established cafes in Penang. The interior design still remains the same but the menu has been taken to a whole new level.





Whisk does not has Pinterest worthy interiors, Whisk remains its nostalgic-charm by not refurbishing it. You will spot rough, bare brick walls, concrete floor, wooden tables and chairs. However, I personally felt like this place is not a comfortable space to chill for a long time. My family and I just spent around 35 minutes there (since our main purpose of visiting there is to try the cakes).



I was really impressed on the effort Whisk put on the menu. With those illustrations, it definitely gives you a vision of what the food looks like.


Since, it was a scorching hot Sunday, we decided to go for ice lemonade.


If you love something refreshing, the Orange Cheese Mouse would be perfect for you! Utterly soft and sweet mouse paired with orange slices, every spoon of it feels like Summer Paradise.

Orange Cheese Mouse costs RM12.90


We also ordered a Panna Cotta. Unlike the usual Panna Cotta I have tried, Whisk’s Panna Cotta tastes like a creamier version of Tau Fu Fah (Soy Custard). With mixed berry compote, it gives off a hint of sourish taste, which perfectly blend in with the pudding.

Panna Cotta costs RM13.90


We also take away another slice of Orange Cheese Mouse and Strawberry Cheese Mouse. For me, Strawberry Cheese Mouse was my least favourite as it does not surprise me like the other two.

*** Try to visit earlier as the cakes run out pretty fast.

Business Hours: 11:30 am to 7:30 pm. Closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.
Contact Number: 6016- 226 0715
For more information check out their Facebook page – Here
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