10 Best and Free Spots to Photograph the Eiffel Tower

Eiffel Tower is one of the reasons which makes many of us dreaming of traveling to Paris. And no doubt, the Eiffel Tower is going to be the highlight of everyone’s trip to Paris, France. If you are wondering where are the best spots to view and photograph the Eiffel Tower without spending a penny? You are in luck! Below are my 10 favourite (free) locations to admire and capture the Iron Lady.


1. Underneath the Eiffel Tower


My first impression on the Iron Lady was overwhelmed and impressed. I knew that the Eiffel Tower is gigantic, but admiring it right underneath is a whole new experience. You can really play with perspectives and appreciate the details of the metal work.

Location: Here

2. Champ de Mars


After admiring the iron lady closely, walk to Champ de Mars, the big grassy area around the Eiffel Tower. As you walk the way up Champs de Mars, there are many paths that gives you a direct clear view of the tower. I love to visit during the Sunset and wait for the lighting ceremony. It is also a great spot to have a picnic.

Location: Here

3. Place du Trocadéro







Trocadero, which sits across the River Seine is surely the most photographed view of the Eiffel Tower. At Trocadero, you get unobstructed view of the Iron Lady and most important thing is you get to play with perspective. It is also a great spot to people-watching and admire the lighting ceremony. I remembered, on my last visit, I have seen couples shooting wedding shots as well as proposal. Thank to these surprise events, they definitely made my trip to Paris even more unforgettable.

P.S. if you plan to watch the lighting ceremony, remember to reach early before sunset to secure yourself the best spot.

Location: Here

4. Carousel de Tour Eiffel

Carousel-de Tour-Eiffel-10-Best-and-Free-Spots-to-Photograph-the-Eiffel-Tower

If romantic is your middle name, this spot is going to make you fall head over heels! The candy colours and gold accent carousel paired with blue sky and Eiffel Tower  just make for the perfect Instagrammable photo! Not to mention, you will be enchanted by its beauty when the carousel and Eiffel Tower light up.  You could easily spot the Carousel, there is one at the bottom of the Trocadero gardens.

Location: Here

5. Pont de Bir-Hakeim



My ultimate favourite spot is going to be Pont de Bir-Hakeim which situated near the Eiffel Tower. Not only it’s much less crowded than Trocadero, it is such a gorgeous place to shoot because the bridge itself is full of character and offers breathtaking views of the Eiffel Tower.

P.S If you travel from Trocadero to Bir-Hakeim. Make sure you keep your eyes open when metro passes Passy station. Thank me later.

Location: Here

6. Neighbourhood Surrounding the Eiffel Tower



I love when the Eiffel Tower peeks out from the old Parisian building, adding an interesting element to the photographs. If you walk on the streets around the tower, you will find spots, such as 7th arrondissement or Rue de l’Université.

7. Pont des Arts


After your visit Musee du Louvre, head over to Pont des Arts, which used to be the lovelock bridge. Not only you get to discover the majestic Institut de France. The view of the Seine River with passing boats and Eiffel Tower in the backdrop is going to sweep you off your feet.

Location: Here

8. Pont Alexandre III


Pont Alexandre III is another breathtaking location to photograph the Eiffel Tower. Besides, you could also get awe-inspiring views of Paris in all directions, such as Esplanade des Invalides. When the sun starts to set, this bridge is also very popular for couples who are getting married to take their wedding shots. However, the bridge also deserves attention to its artistic details and architecture including the gold adorned details, the bridge lamps, a winged horse and cherubs! There are also many sculptures adorning the bridge.

Location: Here

9. Galeries Lafayette’s Rooftop



Looking for that perfect rooftop terrace where you can both unwind and enjoy a spectacular view? Look no further than Galeries Lafayette’s Rooftop where you can get 360 degree views of Paris, including the Eiffel Tower above the Grand Palais, the Palais Garnier, the old Parisian buildings and monuments from here.

Location: Here

10. Sacré-Cœur


Last but not least, Sacré-Cœur is my ultimate favourite spot to overlook the Paris skyline. You could also spot the iconic Notre-Dame from here. Eiffel Tower is too far off to the right to be seen while standing in front of the Sacré-Cœur.  But, as you turn from the Parvis du Sacré-Cœur to the Rue du Cardinal Guibert, the Eiffel Tower will reveal itself.

Location: Here

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