Travel Outfit Ideas and Tips for Spring or Fall

In today’s post, I have curated several travel outfit ideas and also tips for Spring or Fall (transitional seasons). I know weather during Spring and Autumn can be confusing. One day it could be freezing cold that you wish you could bury your numb face at home and before you even realise, the scorching hot weather makes you wish for the cold weather again. Hence, it can be even daunting for those who want to pack for their suitcase. If you are one of them, keep reading to find some useful tips.


Before showing you what I wore while I traveled to UK, Europe as well as Australia. I would love to show you what are the essential pieces you should bring. P.S don’t be fooled by Instagram pictures and think “Oh, everyone seems to wear easy breezy outfits and you are going to pack one light jacket only, cuz joke is going to be on you (like what I have experienced before). Transition seasons can still be really cold depending on where you are visiting, so make sure you check the weather forecast and scroll down to see what the actual weather feels like.


***Make changes to the number of pieces you are bringing based on the days of traveling as well as the the weather.

Travel Outfit 1 – Leather Jacket X Dress (Mini or Maxi)

My travel outfits always include a dress or two as it is literally the no-brainer. And all I need to do is teaming it with a black leather jacket for a splash of edge. This season, you could even spice up your outfit with a cute straw bag or rattan bag.



Travel Outfit 2 – Leather Jacket X Sweater (Turtleneck) X Skinny Jeans X Sneakers

I also love pairing my leather jacket with a turtleneck and a pair of skinny jeans. If the weather is colder, I would layer a button down shirt atop my turtleneck. Not only they keep me warm, they also make my outfit more interesting.


Leather Jacket X  Tee (Basic or Graphic) X Skinny Jeans X Sneakers


Travel Outfit 3 – Brown Suede Jacket X Black Turtleneck X White Button Down Shirt X Mom Jeans X Sneakers

Just like leather jacket, suede jacket is also very versatile as you could literally team it with any of your outfit. For this look, I teamed it with a white button down shirt, a black turtleneck and a pair of mom jeans. Lastly, I finished off my look with a pair of sneakers and crossbody.


Travel Outfit 4 – Black Denim Jacket X Black Tee X Black Skinny Jeans X Sneakers

When the weather allows, denim jacket is my favourite staple to spice up my outfit and keep me warm from the breeze. Foe this outfit, I kept it minimal by opting the same colour. Then, I add a dash of hue with a red beanie.


Travel Outfit 5 – Black Denim Jacket X Crop Top X Culottes X Sneakers

You could also team your denim jacket with a crop top and a pair of culottes when the weather gets warm.

Black-Denim-Jacket-Crop-Top -Culottes-Sneakers

Travel Outfit 6 – Check Coat X Ruffle Top X Black Skirt X Sneakers

I like to bring along a coat in case the weather is cold. For this outfit, I tried to create a Londony look by wearing a white ruffle top and a black mini skirt. Then, I finished off my outfit with a coat, a baker boy hat, a pair of sneakers and a chain crossbody.


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