Afternoon Tea at Ladurée Chadstone

I always wonder why I have already come across Ladurée so many times when I was in the U.K and Europe but I never have the urge to try them. I do not intend to try this in Melbourne either but my colleague, Cassie suggested, so why not?! So, we decided to take a break from our shopping at Chadstone and enjoy some sweet tooth. FYI Ladurée actually make all of their macarons in Paris and then ship them over.



The storefront at Chadstone is not big but I love how it is nested in the centre of a dome structure that’s double storey tall, allowing us to enjoy looking at passerby while sipping our coffee and biting our macarons. Not to mention, the design of the store is very modern and sophisticated with its wooden, marble and gold accents.


We’ve ordered a total of 4 macrons. They are Vanilla, Salted Caramel, Rose, and Pistachio. To be honest, I have pretty high expectation when comes to their macarons but I still prefer Paul’s macaron tho as they have more creamy filling. You can really taste it when biting into a macaron. However, if I really have to pick among these 4, my favourite will definitely will be Vanilla.


Cassie also ordered a cup of hot mocha. I love how they serve it in a glass instead of cup tho, making it looks so aesthetic and unique. And, the highlight of my Ladurée experience is definitely the  Hot Chocolate aka Chocolate Chaud. It is served with a cup of hot chocolate and a cup of steam milk. You will need to pour it to your own cup and by stirring it on low heat, you will have the perfect rich and creamy hot chocolate. Like Spanish hot chocolate, it is strong and very rich and will definitely fill you up for hours.

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