Do Yourself A Favour, Just Walk Away

I don’t usually fond of writing personal stuff on the internet. However, after being told (last week) on what some people thought of me (results of the backstabber who can’t stop all the drama YET). It kinds of struck me in putting em into words. And I also felt like I have finally come to the point when I can really talk about it without feeling miserable.


P.S if this is going to offend you or something, DON’T READ, and if you think I shouldn’t share anything like this, you have a bigger issue than me.

Backstabbing one,
by making up stories,
playing the role of victim when you’re (obviously) not, yes, it does make you look better than other.
Yes, it does successfully tears down one’s reputation. Yes, you get to gain ‘some’ friends.

But I’ve come to realise those friends are just not worth to be kept and they don’t worth any shed of my tears.
Those who believe, I don’t blame, as most are not even close to me nor know me, but just simply love to be judgemental by listening to gossips so what’s the point of caring their thoughts tho.

“Rumours are carried by haters, spread by fools, and accepted by idiots”

And I also come to realise,
I’m glad that I do not give a damn by giving any explanation.
You might question, are you going to let people hate you for what you’re not?
But, it’s alright,
those who know me well,
don’t need my explanation,
and those who chose to believe, they don’t need your explanation as they already made their conclusion.

P.S I’m truly thankful for those who stay with me throughout my darkest period of time.
I couldn’t imagine how bad shape i will be in, if it is not my love ones who constantly give me positive vibes.

Things I’ve Learnt
  • If they talk about others poorly with you but continue to smile in their face it’s likely they are doing the same to you.


  • Don’t afraid of losing friends

If someone can persuade someone to no longer be your friend, they were never really with you from the beginning. Real friends don’t do such thing. So, walk away. You don’t want to keep around someone who isn’t loyal to you in the first place.

  • Don’t care too much

It’s none of your business why someone thinks something of you. Don’t get angry or upset as the worst thing you can do to your body is to stab it with your own negative emotions.

Yeah I used to care A LOT, not that i say i don’t anymore, but I’m learning not to. As long as what you do is right, then go ahead, its your life!

“Every minute you spend frowning is 60 seconds of happiness lost”
  • There’s no point of confronting the backstabber

At first i do think there’s a need to confront and tell her how bad i felt but it won’t change anything.
Instead you might get yourself into A LOT MORE DRAMAS.
One might twist the entire story and makes you look even worse later so simply just walk away when you sense anything wrong.

Your instinct is usually right. If you need to question the vibe, you probably knew that those aren’t good vibes.
  • You don’t need to change to please the other

I used to think and be guilty over things she accused me for. I always think am I not good enough for her (sounds so cheesy). But true, when you cherish a friendship so much, you will try to do whatever, change whatever (which is seriously the most stupid thing I ever did) to please her. But real friends will never say you’re not good enough for them etc.

  • Time is the key

Yes time is the key to everything!
I never thought I could get over that matter but I did, I got over it. You will get over it too, anything you’re upset right now, you will laugh about it later. I know you don’t feel like you can get over it now but you will. Yes, the scar might left a mark but it doesn’t affect me anymore.

  • Focus on better stuff

You do you, and focus on the important things such as goals you want to achieve. Don’t waste time on nonsense, it won’t bring you any benefit. Instead, it drains all your energy.

That’s all for today. Sending all those positive vibes to you!

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  1. Hi Ann, yeah absolutely true! And never try to response or bashing them as not only it wastes your time and energy but you’ll end up just like them.

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