May Music Favourites 2017

Hey peeps, recently I’ve been listening to lots of music ranging from English, Chinese, to Korean. So, I thought why not I compile all my may music favourites. Hope you find one or two songs to add into your list!


When I first heard of “make them jealous”, I thought they were Korean Americans but no they are Singaporeans! The Sam Willows consists of four members and it is a Singaporean pop band formed in May 2012. They are seriously super talented and the music production is just BAAAM! Make sure you check em out!

My second music favourite is from this Taiwanese singer, songwriter and music producer 宋念宇. I’ve been listening to his song when he first debuted. I hardly listen to Chinese songs but when I do, his songs are definitely in the top list. 所谓的爱 is another great song which I nearly break the loop button!

And of course, how can I not include IU’s palette in my favourites?! To be honest, this song is so damn good especially when you listen it with your headphones!! The intro already got me sucked in so bad! P.S If you’re looking for some chill vibe songs for your vlogs! This song will definitely be a great choice!

Another Korean song which I’m totally vibin’ is Really Really from Winner! The song with the repetitive title “REALLY REALLY” turns out to be kind of nice chill track. It’s a low-key dance track that makes you can’t help but to nod with the beats! And the boys’ voices just blend in so well.  I love the pulsing synths and how the chorus builds, but blends in with the rest of the song. I guess you can say I ‘Really Really’ like this song.

I don’t really listen to any of their songs, until my friend, Kim recommended me this! I got hooked the minute they dropped the first beat (no kidding!). By listening to the intro, or the background music, you will think it is an English song tho! I love how they incorporate that EDM beat or “The Chainsmokers” inspired arrangement within the context of the track’s stronger moments.

Lany!! I’m soooo delighted I discovered them months ago! It is indeed one of my best treasures! If you love that summer chill vibe kind of songs, their music will be your perfect summer playlist I’m literally diggin’ every single song! Trust me, it will make you winter feels like summer full of pink skies, palm trees, and sea breeze!

I know Im a little too late but I only stumble upon this song on Spotify. Everything about this song is on point, the vocal, the rhythm and the lyrics which reflects most of the relationships happening around us!

When I first listened to the intro, I thought I wouldn’t like this song but nope I totally love it. This song gets better when it reaches the bridge (which is extremely rich in vocabulary) and the chorus! I remembered I looped this song for 2 days straight and the lyrics just stuck in my head!

My last favourite is from Tyler Ward & Jada Facer’s cover. I don’t really favour the original version but I just love how he changed the upbeat and rock version to this soothing, mellow and kind of sad melody. It just brings all sort of memories back. This track also makes a perfect summer song though.

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